Welcome to our Gallery

ようこそ、Life in Tokyo Gallery へ。

Welcome to Life in Tokyo Gallery. This gallery is an online gallery where we present contemporary and exciting art works registered with NFT.

We hope to connect artists and collectors based on our unique values.



We will be exhibiting works by artists based in Tokyo, Japan, but not all works may be located in Japan. Some works may be in production. All the works we introduce will be registered and exhibited at NFT by the smart contract.


私たちは、物理的なギャラリーではありません。そのため大きさや、重さなどの物理的な制約を受けません。また、多くの”いわゆる”NFTアート にとらわれない自由な作品の出展を心がけています。

We are not a physical gallery. So we are not limited by size, weight, or any other physical constraints. We also try to exhibit works freely, without being bound by the “so-called NFT art”.